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Mixed Tape Monday 1.20.20

On [most] Mondays, I share my mixed tape of a smattering of thoughts, ideas, videos, songs, etc. that stuck out to me in the past week. Here is this Monday’s mix:

::We’ve had some cold days here in Virginia.  Cold days make me stay inside more and get things done, spend time with my husband and kids, and also read some good books.  My friend Kristen recently introduced me to The Snowglobe Family, written by Jane O’Connor and illustrated by S.D. Schindler. It is such a charming picture book; I guarantee your family will enjoy it.

::I’m plodding through a Bible Reading Challenge during the school-year months and the NIV-dramatized version of Bible Gateway’s audio Bible has helped me work my way through chapters upon chapters.  I enjoy the dramatized version because it holds my interest a little better and it brings to my attention some things I might not notice, had it not been spoken aloud.

::Last, but not least, my favorite local spot to eat these days is The Stockpot in Norfolk.  I can’t help but choose to eat their Fried Rice for breakfast when I go but last time I ventured out and ate the Southender (rosemary biscuit, house pork sausage, pimento cheese, over easy egg, side of fresh fruit).  Their chefs put flavors in their dishes that punch your palate in all the right places.  And they serve good coffee alongside!


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