Goals for 2019 – September Checkup

The end of September has come and gone but I still wanted to give a goals update as of that month’s end.  Updates are italicized.


Read Bible-2 chapters per day, at least. This goal has evolved a bit because of a couple read-through-the-Bible challenges my church has had.  I am reading closer to five or six chapters a day now and hopefully I can keep up that pace.

Review old memorized verses.  I have not been consistent with this. 😦


Read 4 books.  So far, I’ve read Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah and I’m in the middle of three other books (one being an audiobook).  I have confidence I’ll complete four by end of December.


Get together with (in our home or at a park or something) any families from our Community Group we didn’t get together with in 2018 AND a specific list of families in our community as well.  We’ve hosted a few families in our home for the first half of the year, as well as a couple different families in our neighborhood.  This has generally just been a helpful goal to aim for and has helped me to make sure I am intentional with these relationships within my community and community group.


Date once per month with Seth.  We’ve kept up with this.  In September, we got to have brunch at The Bee & the Biscuit, a lovely local spot.

Date once per month with one of my kids.  We’ve accomplished this monthly.  Here I am with my youngest, Maryna, for our September outing.  We sampled a local chocolate shop and walked around by a pretty fountain.



Put X amount into savings for next house (not to be touched for any other use).  As I explained in August, we have really stunk at this goal for a number of reasons; however, a pay-raise has enabled us to get back on track.  Our finances are definitely not where we hoped they’d be at this time but the tighter months before Seth’s raise were really good for us to experience.  I think we needed to feel that pressure and be forced to evaluate what is most important.


Make blog banner and logo (or pay small fee to have it designed).  I have done some research on this and have actually had a logo idea for a couple years.  I just need to figure out where to go from here and how to get this banner and logo up.

Have a consistent weekly Mixed Tape Monday.  I’ve been a bit more consistent with this since August.  I guess goals updates help me self-evaluate and get moving!

Work at: 1) More personal posts, particularly on music (my own writing or interactions with others’ writing) and homemaking (organizing , my family, birthday and anniversary posts, cleaning, making food, teaching my kids, being a wife), 2) some interviews 3) monthly follow-up on goals posts 4) Take the Great Course Photography course through the library.  I have dabbled in some of these things but still have a lot more to work toward.  Along with Seth’s pay-raise came a different schedule which gives me chunks of time in the mornings to work at things like this.  I want to make working out, Scripture reading and music practice high priorities, but I’d also like to work up to at least two blog posts per week.


  1.  Have our third annual BYC.  Check!  We did this in March and I am so grateful to all the musicians who participated as well as to all the people who listened and/or brought dessert!  My parents even flew out around that time, so I was able to pull my mom in on a couple songs!  She has a beautiful voice and is a song-writer too.
  2. Practice 2 hours/ week (during kids’ Quiet Time or after their bedtime).  This practice time fluctuates weekly.  I’ve found pockets of time to practice when the kids are playing but it isn’t always easy to fit it in to the day AND I’d like to add this to my early morning routines now but I have to consider noise level since my kids are still asleep.  I’m hoping to invest in a pair of nice headphones for our keyboard soon and that will help!
  3. Enter at least two song-writing contests.  I have entered a total of three contests thus far.  I haven’t won anything but the experience I have gained from just having a goal to work toward has been well worth-it!
  4. Music practice must trump blog-writing if I have to choose.  This has been an easy one to stand by.  If you notice I am not writing on here, you can be sure I am at least playing guitar and singing and song-writing some.

What goals did you set for 2019?  How is it going for you?

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