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Mixed Tape Monday 9.23.19

On [most] Mondays, I share my mixed tape of a smattering of thoughts, ideas, videos, songs, etc. that stuck out to me in the past week. Here is this Monday’s mix:

::Seth has a new work schedule that we’re adjusting to and it forces us to get more breakfast and lunch stuff ready ahead of time.  Seth came across this method to make the best hard boiled eggs from Bon Appetit that we both were really pleased with.

::I’m adding “Little Elliot, Fall Friends” to my list of favorite fall picture books.

::Speaking of fall, I began listening to the Autumnal playlist by the Rabbit Room today.  I love their lineup of songs and artists.

::I listened to this program from Little Z’s Sleep Podcast and found it quite helpful for my toddler, who is having a rough time sleeping (as am I!).  Stay tuned to whether what I apply works!

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