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Mixed Tape Monday 9.9.19

On [most] Mondays, I share my mixed tape of a smattering of thoughts, ideas, videos, songs, etc. that stuck out to me in the past week. Here is this Monday’s mix:

The other day, I finished listening to this interview of Ben Folds.  He is just one talented individual so I loved hearing about his creative journey.  One part that stood out to me was the impact his mother had in his early years by sending him to school early when she was getting a lot of resistance.

I have been slowly plodding my way through the book “More Songwriters on Songwriting” by Paul Zollo and there is so much interesting, helpful information in there.  In the section I read about Rob Zombie, I like what he said about not being so set on achieving perfection with songs: “There is a magic in that chaos you created, which is all missing in your attempt to make it perfect.  Which is why, especially now, I don’t worry about the records being perfect.”  I’ve also enjoyed reading interviews of James Taylor, Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

With fall right around the corner and my husband having a new schedule which forces me to make pastries ahead of time (which I am not disappointed about!), I have these delicious muffins in the docket for the week ahead, which combine two of my favorite things with banana:  chocolate and coffee!

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