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The Birth of a Blog

On October 16, 2008, I wrote my very first blog post EVER.  Initially, my main reason for starting a blog was for the joy of writing and sharing and also to let friends and family know what Seth and I were up to (an online journal of sorts, with photos included).  I had fun the first few years, just writing about what I wanted and not necessarily caring too much about my audience.

After my second kiddo was born, Adelaide, I decided to dig in and make writing more a priority.  I read an e-book and some articles about blogging-for-profit and thought I might give that a shot.  Around that time, we faced some unforeseen trials as we watched my mother-in-law die quickly from pancreatic cancer.  I didn’t have the time, energy, nor did I have the desire to write.

After kiddo number three, Maryna, I still felt that desire to write.  I was sitting down with the piano and guitar a lot more and writing songs and then I got into reading The Rabbit Room and attended Hutchmoot in 2018.  As I sat in on several amazing sessions, I realized something about myself that I had incredibly never fully grasped:  I love to write ANYTHING. I went to Hutchmoot mainly to satisfy my musical desires but I walked away realizing I just love to write a good story in general.

I wrote stories (some of which I still have!) in elementary school and without permission of the administrators (I attended a two classroom school), posting my stories weekly in the hallway by the water fountain.  Story-writing continued in a different form as I learned piano and guitar and started making my own songs in my teen years, and then I found one of my favorite college courses was Creative Writing.  I literally remember driving home from class, with pen in hand, writing down ideas for the next story, inspired by the group session of stories I had just participated in.

And here I sit now, at a Starbucks, almost 11 years past my first blog’s birth and I still have that desire to share a story, to put my thoughts on paper or out into the blogosphere.  I still love to write a song that shares my heart and shares experiences that are unique to me but that can still hopefully encourage someone having a similar experience.  I still love to hear a good story, read a good story, and be a part of a good story.

A sweet friend sent me out today.  She gifted me with a massage and told me to take the day off–she’d watch my kids–to just be free.  As I am sure it is with lots of moms, at first, I wasn’t sure what I would do with myself after the massage.  I jotted down a lot of thoughts in a notebook and brought that and my computer out for coffee and figured I would just THINK.

I am thinking that I still want to write–write stories, write stories in songs–whether that is for profit, I am not yet sure.  It would be awesome to do something I enjoy for profit.  What that looks like, I do not know.  There is so much input in my days (three busy, very verbal, pretty loud children) that I have little time to consider what I want to do with any kind of output.

What I do know is that as I tickle this keyboard, I find joy in it.  As I play guitar and sing and look into my kids’ or my husband’s eyes, I find joy in it.  So maybe I will keep doing these little things I enjoy as God allows me the time.



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