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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


This picture was my phone background for nearly a year.  I just took it off the other day and finally replace it with a shot of my husband and I.

This picture says so much.

It says three little people are glad to see me and I am so glad to see them.

Prior to my taking this photo in October 2018, rewind to July.  In July, I ran Dryden (who was seven at the time) to the E.R. because he had experienced several days of fever, was having strange body aches, and appeared to have passed out.  Dryden was fine and it turned out he was just dehydrated.  By the next day, he was almost completely back to normal.

A couple months later, it was Seth’s turn.  He had a stomach bug for a day but still didn’t seem to be completely back to normal. He even stayed home from work which never happens.  Finally, just as a precaution, he went in to an urgent care doctor who immediately directed him to the E.R., suspecting appendicitis.  He was right and by the time the surgeon got in, Seth’s appendix had already burst but we were just grateful he got in when he did and was diagnosed correctly and that there was no infection post-surgery.

We had a couple weeks to catch our breath and then my daughter, Adelaide, broke her foot.  The poor girl was so tough.

By this time, we were kinda shocked at the whirlwind we had just been through!

When October hit, I attended Hutchmoot and had a blast and really enjoyed honing in on some things that I personally take joy in (story, music, art, community!).

Shortly after I got back from that, my sister called me one evening around dinner time.  She never calls around this time so I knew something was up.  My parents, who live in Kansas City, MO, had been in a terrible car accident.  A wheel had come off of a car and hit their windshield.  My Dad had walked away with little effects but my mom was knocked unconscious.  Seth and I labored over whether I should go out to KC to help with my mom’s care and recuperation and due to a couple generous family members who funded my flights, and to the prompting from a couple others who made me realize how dire the circumstances were, I did end up flying out to be with my mom for a few days.

I’m so grateful I went to help and I am so glad to say she has almost completely recovered, whereas there was a time when we weren’t even sure if she would walk again.

The day I came back into town from that trip, I went to the park with my kids and I took this picture.  I thought about how much life is a gift.  I thought about all the good graces God had poured out on us throughout the trials of the past four months.  I looked at my kids faces and really saw them smile and I really looked into their eyes and I was hit with how thankful I am to be their mom, however hard mothering may be.

In the furnace, you know
It can burn away slow
Or come out like gold
And mine
Is walking the edge of the knife
In the fire tonight
In the fire, I fight

~Lyrics from the song “Gone Are the Days” by The Gray Havens

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