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Mixed Tape Monday 8.19.19

On [most] Mondays, I share my mixed tape of a smattering of thoughts, ideas, videos, songs, etc. that stuck out to me in the past week. Here is this Monday’s mix:

::I just finished my first book for this entire year, Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.  It was a page-turner and opened my eyes to some world history of which I was unaware.

::Speaking of books, I’m getting ready to do preschool with my daughters and have had a blast picking out some books to go with the “Letter of the Week.”  We’ll be starting with “A” and will then jump around the alphabet.  These are a few of my favorites for our first week:

::Joshua Harris, who is a well-known speaker and author in christian circles, recently stepped away from the faith.  John Cooper, lead singer of the band Skillet, posted a bold, biblical response on social media that you can read here.

::Lastly, because my favorite kind of salad is basically dessert (greens, honey goat cheese, apples, craisins, candied nuts, maybe some thick slices of parmesan or salty bacon and a sweet vinaigrette), I like to have a simple candied nut recipe on hand.  Those things are EXPENSIVE in the store!  Here is my favorite, easy, go-to recipe for candied nuts.  I’ve tried it with pecans and walnuts.

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