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A Year Ago and Now

Today, Dryden was reading me some of my old blog posts and he came across this one that I had published exactly a year ago.  It was interesting looking back on the last two years this way and it made me want to keep a similar post rolling on this random date.

A year ago, the scene below was a common sight in our home.  Now, I’m not sure if they all quite fit in this chair like they did. Doesn’t Dryden look thrilled in this photo?  My guess is that he started out in the recliner and his sisters decided to crowd in with him.

A year ago, both girls were still sucking their thumbs (you can kind of see Maryna doing that in this picture). Now they are thumb-free and growing up way to fast.


A year ago, the girls liked to plunk around on the keys often.  Now their brother has been taking lessons and actually knows the name of the keys and knows some songs!



Here is Dryden a year ago, reading with Maryna.  She is holding a copy of a Magic Treehouse book which she has no idea how to read, but she is following big brother.  Now, she will sit and flip through books and narrate as she goes along.  Now, Dryden is reading books to his sisters and is reading books I remember reading during my childhood!  Now, Adelaide, our middle child and almost-four-year-old, is so anxious to learn to read so she can keep up with her big brother.

And here we are now and I can say that time has really gone so fast and no matter how many moms warned me of that, it still has me reeling.

I can sum this stage of life up with one word:  noise.  All day long, I am a part of an ongoing dialogue with three young people who are 8, 3 and 2 years old.  Often they talk at the same time all at once.  Often they have many questions and their personalities and preferences all go various directions. Often I have to repent for raising my voice at them when I get frustrated with the noise.

Dryden is so active, physically, imaginatively, and mentally.  His wheels are always turning–his skateboard wheels or his longboard wheels, or his bike wheels or the wheels of his mind.  I have been so proud of him this summer as I tasked him with a daily checklist.  He has done chores, piano lessons, lots of reading of good books and his Bible, and checklist aside, he has played with his sisters so well.  They all have their share of squabbles but it has been so sweet to see them all play together and love each other.  Dryden also took swim lessons over the past few weeks, so I feel like he is better equipped for Virginia Beach beach days. He also has lost so many teeth recently, two of which we guess he swallowed….yikes!

Adelaide is still fire and sugar.  She can be so strong-willed and so feisty one minute and then the next minute, she wants to help me in the kitchen and she is giving me kisses allover my face.  She has really been into doing a “story-time” lately in which she is the one who “reads” the story to whomever will listen.  It is fun to see the narration she comes up with, which occasionally contains the word “poop.”  And Addie loves babies.  Anytime there is a baby around, she will be tugging at his or her feet or hands, trying to make the baby smile, trying to sneak a kiss, trying to hold it.  She tries to hold older babies (toddlers) too, who do not prefer to be held.  This is quite entertaining for everyone except me and the mom of that baby.  Addie cares so much for her big brother that she copies everything he does and she adores her little sister, even if she likes to throw a punch or kick when I’m not looking.  Oh, and I just have to mention how much I love the sprinkle of freckles across her cute little face.

Maryna–oh those curls!  And those big brown eyes.  And if only she would let me get a good video of all our hilarious conversations.  She says the funniest things when she is in the bathroom–we’ll just leave it at that.  She has become fond of being my dishes helper (which means she plays a lot in the sink water) and sous chef.  I feel the tension mounting as I try to coordinate food chopping and seasoning, mixing and cooking, all while trying to keep this precious two-and-a-half-year-old from cutting herself, rubbing chili powder in her eyes, or burning a finger.  So far, we have made it unscathed but she keeps me on my toes!  I know someday I will be so glad that all three of my kiddos are going to know their way around the kitchen.

This glance back in time and a look at the present is a healthy thing for me to observe, a reminder of how short our lives are and how time really has progressed; my kids really have grown (and even matured some!) and I have survived another year of motherhood.

Oh, and I can’t finish this post and completely leave Seth out.  Here he is a year ago (on the left) and now (on the right).  Both of these were taken on a date night and showcase some great food and also show you how much Seth’s hair has grown.  He decided to grow it out again (I have been fond of his curly locks since I first laid eyes on him) and then decided to keep growing it until his sister moves back into town, which is in a few months.

Let’s see, what can I say about him that has changed in the past year besides his hair?  I think Seth has become even more comfortable in his own skin and has been able to lock into what his gifts, dreams, and hobbies are and has a better idea of how he’d like to pursuit those things, whether it be casually or vocationally.  I’d say he’s also gained a better understanding for how I tick and what ways he can be patient and sensitive with me, and also what ways he can spur me on toward doing the things I am passionate about.  In fact, he is the one who told me to get on here and write again if it is something I enjoy. 😉


I’m so thankful for this man, and so thankful for the family God has given me.


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