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Mixed Tape Monday – 5.27.19

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I am at home today with a sick kiddo, my oldest, but there has been a little quiet time this afternoon to hop online and post my mixed tape.

::Over the weekend, our family went on a nine mile bike ride together: Seth on his mountain bike, pulling our two girls (who are two and three years old) in a trailer, plus Dryden (our seven-year-old) and I riding our own bikes.  I’d say we were able to apply some of the things that this video talks about.   I wouldn’t agree 100% with everything said but I think this is a helpful video to watch and a good thing to keep in mind when thinking about overall wellness!  There is a lot to be said about getting active while being surrounded by God’s creation.


::Over the Ocean by Taro Gomi is a picture book I enjoyed with the kids this past week.  I appreciate that the story causes the reader to look far beyond where they are and what they are doing in the moment.

::I enjoyed hearing two new songs from a musician whose voice I already love.  Check out Wilder Woods.

::And, as a follow-up to my nod to Aldi on last week’s mixed tape, I wanted to mention that tonight, I shopped at a major grocery chain instead of Aldi because Aldi closed for the Memorial Day holiday early.  I was disgruntled for just a couple minutes but then I celebrated for several reasons.  One is that how smart is it that a grocery store will close a little early for a holiday and take good care of their employees?  Secondly, being forced to shop a nearby local grocery chain as an alternative only confirmed to me how much I like Aldi–its prices are low, it is not complicated to shop the store, and it assumes that the shoppers are responsible, smart consumers.

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