My Big Two-Year-Old


The “baby” and third child in our family, Maryna, turns two today and though her birth seems like it just happened a few weeks ago, she has reached so many milestones and we’ve enjoyed seeing her grow from newborn to not-so-new to big baby to toddler.



I still love that she hasn’t lost all of her roundness and that her ringlets have only gotten more amazing with age.  She makes us a laugh and she makes us cry.



She’s a ham.

She still loves to suck her thumb and a sure sign that she is tired is when she does that and twirls her ringlets.

She adores her brother and sister and wants to do everything they do.

Maryna has really wanted to help with lots of things around home lately–warming tortillas, putting away groceries, sweeping the floor, or picking up toys her siblings are supposed to put away.


She is our worst sleeper.

She is a pretty picky eater.

She is just too cute.

Happy TWO YEAR birthday Maryna!




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