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Mixed Tape Monday 2.11.19

::”My Mother Practiced the Piano” is an article that expresses so much of what I shared in my post on Friday night.  The whole thing is worth reading but here is a favorite snippet: “Whether your art takes a traditional form like music or painting, or whether you are an artist in chemistry, cooking, gardening, politics, or befriending the lonely, that part of you still matters. It matters for your children to see that it matters, too.”

::This past week, our favorite picture book has been “Storm” by Sam Usher.  The illustrations are beautiful and Usher’s imagination takes you beyond our everyday world.

::  And last, a few inexpensive Valentine’s Day ideas are: rent a movie through the library, do dessert fondue (melt chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and dip your favorite fruits and/or cookies in it), look through photos and videos from your first year of marriage and laugh and reflect on it).

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