Children · Mixed Tape Monday · Music

Mixed Tape Monday 1.21.19

::This podcast from Risen Motherhood on screen-time for kids was a helpful one for me.  It made me think about my heart on the matter and that has overflowed into making me think about my heart on other things as well, that weren’t even mentioned on this podcast, like eating dessert and wanting my kids to be perfect in public.  I appreciate that the duo constantly brings you back to the gospel!

::Seth just got Switchfoot’s new album, Native Tongue, and I am already hooked.  Numbers 4 and 11 are my favorites so far.  I’m so thankful my husband broadened my musical tastes when we got married–and so glad that included this band.

Native Tongue

::Our seven-year-old son, Dryden received The Lego Boost Creative Toolbox as a Christmas gift and it has been an incredible toy and tool!  I would highly recommend this product to any kid who shows an interest in building and technology.

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