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Mixed Tape Monday 1.7.19

This is my first MTM for 2019!  I am really excited about writing this year.  My desire is to be more consistent with Mixed Tape Mondays and to also add in more personal posts, goal check-ups, and possibly some interviews!  But for now, here is my mixed tape:

::Dryden just finished reading a Christmas present, the book Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton.  He read it in less than a week because it really held his interest and though I didn’t read the entire thing with him, I was so pleased with the parts we did read together, I really wanted to mention it.  It is a very imaginative, intelligent story.

::Seth and I just watched the movie Air Force One the other day.  I realized I had never seen it!  It was a gripping plot and the acting was well-done, even if the special effects weren’t what they are now.

Air Force One

::The Elements by TobyMac has been playing in our home a lot.  I was so impressed with his album “This is not a Test” that I wasn’t certain he could top it when he released his next album of new music, but The Elements does not disappoint.  My favorite songs are “Starts with Me” and “Horizon”.

::And before you throw away your Christmas cards, consider keeping the stack of them (or cutting them down into the same sizes) and praying for those people throughout the year.  It is a great visual for kids to see the people they can pray for by name and it definitely helps me to be mindful of caring for those people, whether near or far away.


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