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Mixed Tape Monday – TOP TEN for 2018

For my final Mixed Tape Monday of 2018, I thought I’d compile a list of my personal favorites.  By the way, no professional advice, outside opinions, research, or financial gain relate to why I chose these ten things.  Here they are:

10.  The Hyppo – Gourmet ice pops are just delicious and the crew at The Hyppo know how to make ’em good!  My favorite flavor is Avocado Coconut.  And I am partial to St. Augustine which is near Flagler Beach, where Seth and I honey-mooned

9.  McDonald’s Broke My Heart – After listening to this podcast by Malcolm Gladwell, I am disappointed that fries are no longer made the right way.  I mean, if it tastes good, even if it is bad for you, that is okay.  I mean, you’re eating fries after all–its not like you’re choosing fries to better your health!  The key is moderation.  Come on McDonald’s, bring the old fries back.

8.  The Lyricist’s Notebook – I have filled two of these up since 2015.  It is just a smart idea for any song-writer to have one.

7.  Freedom in Education: Choosing a Schooling Option for Your Child – Currently, we are going the public school route for our only kid in school but I also like to keep my ears and eyes open and be aware of what other options are out there.  This series of four podcasts from Risen Motherhood is informative without trying to be persuasive and covers homeschooling, public schooling, and private education options from the perspective of three different moms.

6.  Travel Crib Light by Baby Bjorn – Ours has gone through three very active children and is still going strong.  It is light.  It is a better shape (in my opinion!).  It is much easier to put up than your average pack and play.  The outer fabric can completely zip on and off the frame for washing.  It was worth every penny of the splurge we made on it–and more!

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light - Black

5.  Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Ken Robinson – This Ted Talk by Robinson has so many good points.  It is worth a listen.

4.  God Is Still Here – Another fun thing about attending Hutchmoot back in October was that I happened to spot Dave Heller at The Factory in Franklin when I was meeting my friend Jess for coffee.  I got a chance to write a note to him on a coffee sleeve, telling him how much I like this song that he wrote with JJ Heller and Andy Gullahorn.  By the way, I would have maybe gotten up the guts to just say it to him, but he was also having coffee with someone and I didn’t want to be obnoxious and interrupt. 🙂

3.  “The Work” by The Singer and the Songwriter – Thoughtful lyrics, beautiful singing, and beautiful guitar playing.

2.  Faithfulness and Work in the Season of Young Children by Ruth Chou Simons and the women at Risen Motherhood – When my friend Sara emailed this podcast to me, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  I was encouraged by what artist Simons had to say about life, work, mothering, art, and the gospel.

1. Time management for Musicians –  This is a helpful podcast for the musician but also for anyone.   I like what Paulinski says about figuring out what is most important to you and realizing you don’t have to bring yourself to burnout.



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