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Mixed Tape Monday 11.26.18

With December right around the corner, this MTM has a Christmas and winter theme.

::The kids and I enjoyed the book Waiting for Snow this past week, by Marsha Diane Arnold and Renata Liwska.  I always enjoy Liwska’s illustrations and really, I think that is what makes this book so charming; her interpretation of the story Arnold tells is so sweet and sometimes comical.  (We also enjoy “The Quiet Book” and “The Loud Book”, both illustrated by Renata Liwska).

::Several Christmases ago, I read the e-book “Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas” by Crystal Paine and to this day, I still like to refer back to it to remind myself how simplify things over the holidays and to think through new ways I can be creative with the budget we have.

Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer

::And last but not least, Seth and I have a favorite Christmas album that usually begins playing on December 1st.  If you like Relient K, get your music player queued for “Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer.”  It is a fun one.  I love it that they have some original songs in the mix and I love, love, love their version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

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