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Mixed Tape Monday 11.12.18

It has been a crazy few weeks for our family, including ear surgery for our baby girl, Maryna (which went very well, I might add!).


I’d like to dedicate a post entirely to what trials we, and others around us, have faced in the last couple months.  I’d like to think I am learning something from it…I hope Jesus is refining me through this season.

For now, let’s go back to something routine, something I enjoy writing about weekly…well, almost weekly.  Mixed Tape Monday is just my own personal “mixed tape” or smorgasbord of things that have been significant to me in the past week.

::Seth and I got to hear artist Samantha Crain recently and her tunes have been playing in our home ever since.  She has a nice set of pipes and she also knows how to make her guitar sing.  I prefer just her and her guitar the best (no extra instruments or vocals) and a couple of my favorite songs are “Kathleen” and “Antiseptic Greeting.”

::Here are two favorite books of mine on the subject of food.  The illustrations in “Every Color Soup” are so FUN and I would recommend “A is for Artichoke” to any foodie friends having babies.


::If you’re ever in Waynesboro, VA, you must get a cup of “The Solution” from Farmhaus Coffee.  You must.  We like their laid-back atmosphere, the charm of the old house where the shop is situated, and their Pumpkin Spice Latte is a close second to the drink you must try.

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