Hutchmoot 2018 – Part II

Hutchmoot was full of moot-sic, thus I decided to dedicate a part II solely to that (read Part I here).  I was happy to hear artists I already know and love but I also got to hear several singers whom I had never heard.  I’m too embarrassed to tell you which ones I hadn’t heard before, so I’ll just give you my random list of all the ones I enjoyed:

  1. Andrew Peterson
  2. Joshua Luke Smith
  3. The Gray Havens (I love their new song “She Waits”!)
  4. Skye Peterson (heard a beautiful song by her in the Songwriter’s Circle–a song that isn’t linked up with her name here but that I hope will be on her next album!)
  5. Koey Smith (also from the Songwriter’s Circle; got to hear the song on the link)
  6. Wild Harbors (love their song “Abigail”)
  7. The Orchardist
  8. Drakeford (my favorite of the bunch!)

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