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Mixed Tape Monday – 10.8.18

Today I write on the heels of Hutchmoot 2018.  I debated about doing a MTM edition about ‘Moot or about Nashville but those deserve their own post, or two or three.  Let’s just say my head is SO FULL of good things.

Mixed Tape Monday is when I share a “mixed tape” of a variety of current, personal favorites–it can be music, books, Target finds, nail polish, recipes, pretty much anything I enjoyed during the past week.

::Hello Ninja by N.D. Wilson is my new favorite board book.  It is so cleverly and concisely written and I love how Forrest Dickison illustrated it.

::I just discovered The Weepies recently and I’m sad I didn’t know about them sooner.  They are on my playlist for this coming week for sure.  The thing that strikes me about them in their bio is that they tour very little but keep releasing music–basically what I imagine I would want to do.

::I listened to this podcast featuring Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive last week and found it really helpful to think through on the subject of songwriting.

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