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Mixed Tape Monday 8.13.18

God Is Still Here – Check out this song written by JJ and Dave Heller along with Andy Gullahorn.  I am partial to JJ’s music for a few reasons:  the lyrics are not just fluffy stuff, I find her music very singable for the range and register I am comfortable with, and I just love that she is a singing homemaker herself!

I just finished listening to the podcast “Time Management for Musicians” by CD Baby, interviewing Suzanne Paulinksi, and it was SO helpful to me to listen to –not only for me musically, but also in just managing my time as a wife and mom!  I like what Susanne says about the importance of sleep, setting irrelevant goals (setting goals that don’t really achieve what we really want to accomplish), and I like the tools she suggests at the end of the podcast.  I also like a lot of the dialogue about social media.  Really, the whole thing is worth 54 minutes of your time.


I recently discovered the book “The Nutcracker Comes to America: How Three Ballet-Loving Brothers Created a Holiday Tradition” via our summer reading program and it is a great story with beautiful illustrations.  I appreciate the history and arts coming together too.  Might even be a good one to tuck away for a Christmas gift!

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