Today Seth and I celebrate twelve years of marriage so I thought it would be fun to list twelve things I love about my husband, in no certain order.

  1.  He is different than me.
  2.  He has good taste in music and has broadened my taste in music.  For example, I probably wouldn’t know much about Switchfoot or RelientK and many other artists if it weren’t for him.
  3. He is a hard worker and along with that, a man of integrity.
  4. He sits down with me almost every morning, as we eat breakfast, and reads his Bible as I read mine.  He encourages me to grow spiritually.  He also prays with me each night before we go to bed.
  5. He likes ice cream.
  6. He is quick to forgive all of my shortcomings (and actually, rarely brings them up!).
  7. He makes me feel safe.
  8. He is a servant.
  9. He supports me in my musical endeavors.  If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have recorded an album several years ago.  He saw that through and sat in the studio as I recorded each song.  And when I said I thought I’d want to go to Hutchmoot, he didn’t even miss a beat or ask about cost or discourage me in any way; he said “You should go.  I want you to go!”
  10. He is strong physically and inspires me to become stronger.
  11. He plays with our kids.  Sometimes I get so caught up in house chores that I don’t just stop and play or read with our kids but when I see Seth take time to do this, I am reminded that they are more important than that pile of dirty dishes.
  12. He reminds me to enjoy life and laugh and he is good at making me laugh.



13.  Okay, I had to do a BONUS item because I thought of one more thing:  He takes me on adventures and inspires me to be adventurous!  I have loved trying out countless new hole-in-the-wall restaurants, visiting the Grand Canyon, hiking at Red Rock, visiting L.A. and so many other places together over the years!


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