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Mixed Tape Monday 6.11.18

::I just read the last page of Living Life Backward by David Gibson, a great companion book to read with Ecclesiastes.   I have never looked at Ecclesiastes the way I now do and I hope it is shaping me into a better woman because of the truths I have learned from it.  Gibson stretched my brain a bit, but in a good way, making me think beyond myself and literally making me think about how I can “live life backward.”  I want to say more but maybe I will devote a post or two to expound on this subject.

::Grace Vanderwaal put on a Tiny Desk concert last week.  Seth and I have been fans every since we stumbled upon a clip of her from the show America’s Got Talent.  I’m not always rooting for the winners of reality shows like this–it isn’t because I don’t think they are good–it is usually because I watch a lot of these artists just fade away after their first record deal and/or I don’t think their heart is really in it.  I think Vanderwaal has the chops, the heart, and thought-provoking song-writing to boot.

::Currently, I have several friends who are either in the new baby or new home stage and one thing I find encouraging when I am transitioning like this is FOOD.  I appreciated these helpful tips and survey results on Shanna’s blog Go Eat Your Bread with Joy on bringing meals to new moms.


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