Mixed Tape Monday

Mixed Tape Monday 6.4.18

::Jamie Grace’s song “Wait It Out” and wedding footage popped up in my video feed this past week and I thought it was super-fun.

::This new single by JJ Heller is such a sweet song.  If I were to have an anniversary party for our 12th anniversary (in just a couple weeks!), I would play this at it.  I really, really like JJ Heller’s music and it is easy to go support her through her patreon page.

::My husband, son and I recently enjoyed watching the movie Max.  It is all-around just a great movie about a boy and his dog and includes adventure and bike trails through the woods!

::I enjoyed hearing this quarterly update on The Rabbit Room–a couple highlights for me were: the fact that Hutchmoot tickets sold out in 9 minutes (I am ecstatic I am one of those ticket-holders!) and that there are plans in place to one day have a physical location for The Rabbit Room.

::Lastly, I really enjoyed this article by Ginny Owens (who, by the way, co-wrote the above mentioned song by JJ Heller).


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