Goals for 2018: May Check-up

To see my entire set of goals for 2018, go here.  Below I have commented on the ones that I have worked on specifically in May.

Personal Goals:

::Read & study 6 books of the Bible throughout the year – This is an ongoing process for sure.  I actually haven’t plowed through as many books as I would have liked to at this point but I still have half the year left!

::Outing once-a-month with just Dryden and I or just Addie & I – I went strawberry picking with each of the kids separately in May and this was really fun.   I liked it that they got to see the fruits of their labor, pardon the pun. 🙂

::Songwriting goals: write more children’s songs, write a song about being a mom, finish silly story song, write or co-write a song on “We don’t know what to do but our eyes are on You,” write song for Easter, write song about Eric the fish dying – In May, I finished writing a song about being a mom and got to sing it in our second annual backyard concert, the day before Mother’s Day.

::Blog regularly and have FUN with it without thinking about QUANTITY of posts – Check.

::Host a backyard concert again – We hosted our second backyard concert on May 11th!  I was really pleased with how it went and we had more guests than we did at the last one.  A couple friends and I shared the setlist load and I think we all had a good time doing it.  I’m already looking forward to BYC 2019!

::House stuff: accomplish TWELVE of the task on the House Projects List – We checked off a couple major items on our house list–gutters and taking a tree down–and better yet, we didn’t have to do it ourselves. 🙂  I’m thankful to Seth that he set it all up and made sure it got done.

Goals to accomplish with Seth:

::Spend according to prewritten budget 2 weeks in a row = buy ice cream reward! – I’ll just note here that we have done pretty terrible throughout 2018 at following our budget.  We finally tweaked some things to loosen things up because we both realized that could be part of our problem.  Hopefully June will be our best month yet!

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