Goals for 2018: March and April Check-up

I am overdue for a goals check-up.  Here is my entire list of goals for 2018 and below I just listed out how March and April went:

::Scripture memory verse review.  I went over a lot of New Testament verse I had previously committed to memory.  I definitely have not been keeping up the pace with this but it has still been helpful to do when I have set aside the time.  I especially found it encouraging when I recently reviewed Philippians 2:4 where it says “do not merely look out for your own personal interests but also for the interests of others…”  I saw it in a new light thinking about the tension between giving my time and attention to personal interests but also putting other people first.  I’d love to figure out how to strike that balance perfectly.

::Read & study 6 books of the Bible throughout the year.  I’m done with the book of James and was thrilled to hear that our pastor is about to preach through that book.  I still feel like there is so much more to learn from it.  I’m still slowly working through Ecclesiastes and the Psalms.

::Outing once-a-month with just Dryden and I or just Addie & I.  Dryden and I went to a school function together in March and Adelaide and I took a short trip to the store.  Nothing fancy.  I desire to focus more on Dryden with these outings as the time I spend with him is often frantically shared with his needy sisters and I’d like to have some time to just really enjoy him and be able to listen to him.

::Songwriting goals: write more children’s songs, write a song about being a mom, finish silly story song, write or co-write a song on “We don’t know what to do but our eyes are on You,” write song for Easter, write song about Eric the fish dying.  I never finished the Easter song (at least, not in time for Easter 2018) but hopefully the rest of the lyrics will come before 2019!  I also began a song about being a mom in April and finished it in May.

::Blog regularly and have FUN with it without thinking about QUANTITY of posts.
I’d still like to write more but an occasional Mixed Tape Monday and goals post is at least something!

Goals to accomplish with Seth:

::Date out once-a-month (at least).  I’m thankful that Seth and I have made it out on a date at least once-a-month so far this year.  We both would like to go out at least twice a month but it is difficult during this season of our life for a number of reasons.  Last date night, we went out for tacos at a Gringo’s Taqueria.  It was delicious!

::Invest $ for Maryna. Check!


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