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Mixed Tape Monday 5.14.18

A happy late Mother’s Day to all the mamas!  I know firsthand that being a mom is not an easy job.  In fact, I have said many a time that it is my “dream job” but there are days that I don’t feel that way and I feel like I would just like a day to myself or I feel like I’m doing a terrible job or a feel “mom guilt” that I am not doing enough of one thing or another with my kids.  I’m sure all of us moms have been there or are there now.  I recently wrote a song about being a mom (one of my personal goals for 2018) and one of the lines is “sometimes I don’t know if I have anymore to give” but there is also hope in the lyrics “I need more than coffee to get me through this…I need you,” referring to Jesus.  He is really the only true hope I have as I walk through mom life!

Now, on to Mixed Tape Monday…

::Have you discovered the BabyLit books yet?  I have really enjoyed checking different ones out from the library.  Recently, we got one on the Pacific Northwest and another on National Parks.  I love these books because I can read them to my 13-month-old and my 2-year-old, but even my six-year-old can enjoy them as he’ll ask me questions about what certain things are and it will make him want to learn more about that subject.  The illustrations are also very bright and fun.

board book

::I stumbled across this Tiny Desk Concert by Superorganism the other week and I just couldn’t look away.  They are so unique and fun to listen to and watch.

::Since my 12 year wedding anniversary is right around the corner, I wanted to do a shout out to where Seth and I honeymooned and also spent our ten year anniversary.  The White Orchid Inn & Spa is a gem–good location (I mean–do you see that ocean-view?!), good hospitality, and good food.  I hope that we’ll at least go back every ten years if not more.



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