Maryna’s Birth Story – Part 2

**You can read Part 1 of Maryna’s Birth Story here.**

My logic behind going to McDonald’s  (if a laboring woman can truly have any logic!) was that:

1.  I didn’t want to check in to the hospital yet and begin the inevitable countdown but…

2.  I wanted to stay near enough to the hospital that if things picked up, we’d be there fast (there was a McD’s a few minutes from the hospital).

3.  I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to eat once I was officially checked in.

Looking back, I wish I had chosen to go relax at home, put some GOOD calories into my body, and drink some more raspberry leaf tea…but things still turned out fine and we still got a healthy baby in the end!

Would you believe we even threw around the idea of going to a thrift store?!  None of our favorites, probably none at all, were open that late but we figured we were kid-free and would soon have THREE kids, so why not enjoy a little bit of freedom?

Around 9 p.m., we finally headed to the hospital; I had contracted throughout our meal strong enough that I figured something big was happening and that we should.  It was a little discouraging to find that I was dilated only at a 4 or 5 when we checked in.  And once we met with the doctor who was assigned to labor and delivery, he said that I was his only patient but he was willing to stick around so we could “have that baby!”  I think I then put extra pressure on myself because I right away thought that maybe this time we should have the doctor break my water right away to get things really going.  With Dryden and Addie, I waited until I was at a 9 for them to break my water and then everything picked up, so I thought, why not get things started now?

In addition to my 4/5 dilation, another discouraging thing  was that I had a BAD cold.  I had really hoped to be better by the time baby arrived because it was one of those miserable, energy-sucking colds.  So I was headed into labor without my usual normal health and energy working for me.

Well, I had doc break my water and thus followed the hardest labor I had every had.  (So, looking back, I would have NOT had him “get things started” this way).  There were a few times when I thought, “Hmm, maybe this time I will get an epidural.”  One moment that is now funny to look back on is that at one point, I saw Seth doing stretches because HIS back was hurting him and as I watched him stretch, I had yet another painful contraction.

We were both so tired.

It is hard enough to stay up all night, let alone to “run a marathon” or labor at those hours.  Seth later told me (in the safety of Maryna being a few weeks old) that he was so tired that night that every time I’d say I thought maybe I was having a pushing contraction, he’d think “please—I hope so!”

By the time I did get to the pushing contractions, I was so so exhausted.  It was the middle of the night and my back hurt, my throat hurt, and that cheeseburger and fries were not working for me anymore.  Somehow she made it here and Seth and I were so shocked she was a GIRL!  We waited for the birth to find out the gender of each of our kids and this time around, we both had this inkling we were having a boy and we were wrong.  We had another precious little girl, just 18 months younger than her sister.

My favorite moments with Maryna were those first few minutes of snuggling her little body, knowing SHE was finally HERE and breathing happily on my chest, and I enjoyed the late night feedings, particularly before we went home, as I knew we had her all to ourselves in the hospital to enjoy before we added her siblings back in.

This curly-haired, dimple-cheeked little girl has been such a sweet addition to our family.


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