Maryna’s Birth Story – Part 1

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would post Maryna’s birth story and finally got it written and edited! It was rather long so I split it into two parts.


I had my first real contraction on the morning of March 15th, 2017.  I told Seth and he debated whether to go to work.  I encouraged him to go because I wasn’t sure how things would progress.  I’m glad because I only had one other contraction in the morning and things seemed to slow down.  I managed to take a nap and fit in a hot shower and drink some raspberry leaf tea.  When I picked Dryden up from school, I had a strong contraction just as he was climbing into the car and I was about to head home.

Now, here is a funny side story. We had sold our Honda CR-V and were trying to buy a mini van before Maryna was born and Seth had found a deal on a Toyota Sienna.  As it turned out, he was planning to purchase it the very day I had my first contraction.  He texted me sometime around the lunch hour and asked if we should still go ahead with the purchase.  I was going to meet him at the store so we both could be on the title.  I told him yes, let’s go ahead because at the time, I wasn’t experiencing many signs of labor.  As far as I knew, this labor could be different and I wasn’t confident in when the baby could be arriving.

Well, of course things began to speed up in the afternoon.  I ran home with Dryden and Addie and finished packing my hospital bag, gave us all snacks, and threw (pregnant-clumsily-threw) all our bags into the Kia, just in case we needed to go to the hospital right after buying the van.  I still wasn’t timing my contractions because I could tell they were far enough apart and for some reason, I didn’t tell Seth that I was having more.  Maybe I didn’t believe it could be real or maybe I didn’t want him to worry.  I don’t remember what was going through my head.

Anyway, we ended up signing papers for the Sienna while I contracted–probably about three times.  I was still able to carry on conversation and wasn’t that uncomfortable.

Once we ran home, it was pretty late for dinner so the kids were cranky and hungry, my contractions were increasing, AND there was popcorn ALLOVER the living room and dining room area.  That had been our snack earlier and as I busied myself with the car-loading situation, Adelaide had busied herself with sprinkling popcorn everywhere.

At this point, Seth and I were still talking about what to do next (as we ate dinner, dealt with our hangry children, and swept up the popcorn).  Jordan and Sue were going to take the kids when it was “time” but we also didn’t want to bring them over if I still had a night’s worth (or more!) of labor ahead and we could drop them off at a later time.  Seth texted Jordan and he put us at ease about bringing the kids over.  They were hosting community group  so it was kind of funny when we got there because a few people came out to say hi to me while I hung out outside.  I still wondered how close I was to having the baby and how dilated I could be.

We headed toward the hospital and on the way I said maybe we should just go home where it is easier to relax and I could labor there.  We turned around and then my contractions got stronger, so then we turned around again.

And then we went to McDonald’s.

To be continued…


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