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Mixed Tape Monday 4.16.18

I just finished listening through these podcasts on how we should educate our children (this link is for Part 1 of 4).  The Risen Motherhood Team offered three different perspectives and I picked out helpful things from each one.  From the homeschooling mom, Irene Sun, “We’re all homeschoolers” (meaning, we all are teaching our children at home, no matter what form of schooling we choose).  From Jen Wilkin, who spoke on public school, she said this regarding the decision-making process: “We shouldn’t be making a fear-based decision.”  And the private school perspective from Melissa Kruger that impacted me was “you are the biggest influencer of your child’s education.”  Each lady also shared great universal truths from Scripture as well!

The Orchardist just hosted their first Supper & Songs of 2018 and when I first read about it, I thought, what a great idea!  I love their mission statement of “sharing songs to feed and be fed” and how beautifully that pairs with supper (watch this video to get an idea of what their thoughts were behind this vision)!  Seth and I have our Second Annual Backyard Concert scheduled for May (one of my goals for 2018) but this Supper & Songs concept is definitely something I have simmering in the back of my mind for the future!

General Voice Care/Vocal Hygiene – This brief article was helpful to me to pinpoint some areas where I can work on taking better care of my voice.  Things as simple as not yelling at my children could help, as well as eliminating the bad habit of clearing my throat.  I remember my college voice teacher telling me to beware of this and I have caught myself doing it quite frequently (and even notice my kids do it too, probably because I do it).

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