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Mixed Tape Monday 4.2.18

The Singer and The Songwriter’s song “Work” is currently my favorite Tiny Desk Contest submission. The lyrics are SO GOOD and the guitar and The Singer’s voice SO PRETTY.   I’ve been delving into Ecclesiastes recently and I can’t help but think about all the “mundane” things that the book talks about that we do over and over again as I listen to this song.

I have mentioned that I like the Beatles and I recently saw a bunch of Beatles-themed clothes at Target like this tank top.  Fun stuff.

This past week and the week before, I made this fried rice recipe.  It is a good one if you are trying to figure out ways to save money on meals and it enables you to use up leftovers (last time, I threw in some leftover roasted asparagus).  I really enjoy the way Shanna writes and have liked every recipe I have made from her blog (or from this book she wrote with her husband).

And finally, here are a couple pictures from our kitchen from this past week.  I was thinking of my Grandma as we got Easter dinner ready yesterday and I made two things that she always made for our big family get-togethers:  apple pie and her creamed corn (corn, cream cheese, butter, garlic salt, a dash of milk=delicious).

The second photo is a common sight in my kitchen:  Addie standing on a chair by the counter or stove (with adult supervision, of course). 🙂  She has become quite a little sidekick–at times, when I could use a little personal space even–but a sweet, older woman recently encouraged me to foster that and enjoy these years, so I try to let go of my personal space most days.  Adelaide is going to leave home someday with a lot of cooking/baking know-how under her belt.


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