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Mixed Tape Monday 3.26.18

Have you heard about NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts?  Seth and I really enjoy listening to them–it’s a great “date night in” after the kids are in bed.  We’ll get cozy and snack on wine and cheese and chocolate and enjoy some good tunes we may have never otherwise heard.  Well, apparently they have a contest each year and I submitted an original song that you can view here.  There are TONS of submissions so far and I definitely have not watched them all but my favorite so far is this one:  Lost and Found by Drew Angus ft. TAEVIN).

Easter weekend is coming up and I wanted to share two favorites with you all.  I still love Man of Sorrows by Hillsong Worship even though it has been around for a few years.  I hope someday I can write a song about the death and resurrection of Jesus that could be this powerful lyrically and musically.

I also really like the book The Biggest Story by Kevin Dejoung for presenting the story of Christ throughout Scripture, around Easter as well as all year round.  The illustrations are gorgeous and there is also a great board book that is more simplified but with the same great pictures.

And finally, my last MTM highlight is to share how much Seth and I love this Travel Crib by BabyBjorn.  We’ve had three children sleep in it at separate times, throughout their lives, SO MANY nights, as well as any children who have visited our house, for the past 6 1/2 years.  The fabric can zip off and be washed.  It is SO EASY to assemble and it is nice and lightweight.  This was our one big splurge, besides cloth diapers, before our first baby came along, and we have not regretted one cent spent.

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