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Mixed Tape Monday 3.12.18

Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carraba Reckons with the Legacy of Emo – I enjoyed this article particularly from a song-writing point of view.  It was helpful to hear what Carraba said about being in an “unguarded-slash-selfish spot” when getting lost in song-writing.  I was just talking to a fellow mom yesterday about the battle between taking care of my family but also wanting to foster the creative things I enjoy.  I often struggle with how this should work; if I think of song lyrics and my baby is crying and my 2 year old just peed on the floor, it is difficult to shut them out and write those lyrics down, let alone continue writing more.  I’m always curious what other creative parents do to still make time for their art, whatever it may be.


Something I have recently started getting into is baking sourdough bread.  It is a process AND it can be intimidating/overwhelming.  I tried to figure it out soon after I had Maryna (our third baby) and it went well for a little while but I didn’t have the know-how or the energy to keep it going.  A couple months ago, I took a class and some things started clicking.  I still think it wouldn’t hurt to go through King Arthur Flour’s Guide to Baking with Sourdough but I have at least somewhat gotten my footing.  I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t JUST had a baby.

Crowder – All My Hope featuring Tauren Wells – This video was published back in October but I just discovered it the other day and I really, really like this song.


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