Mixed Tape Monday

Mixed Tape Monday 2.26.18

The Orchardist – I discovered this group over Christmas and wish I had known about them years ago.  Listen hard to their lyrics on their newest album–so many good words!

My 12 Favorite 5 Minute Self-Care Hacks – Crystal Paine wrote this list and I found it really helpful.  I especially appreciate “Wear real PJs to Bed” as I am soon to exit the years of nursing/pregnancy stage and think it would be really nice to be cozy in something that hasn’t been stretched out or gotten milk or spit-up on it a dozen or more times. 🙂

Hobby Lobby finds – I took a trip to one of my favorite places a couple weeks ago and if I had been loaded with cash, I could have easily spent A LOT of money there.  Hobby Lobby has so many fun gift ideas, crafts, furniture, decor, stationary, etc.  These were just a few of the fun things I found:

super hero bracelets
bargain furniture
cute winter hats
burlap pillow covers

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