Loco for Local

Loco for Local: Valentine’s Edition

Seth and I have lived in Virginia Beach for nearly 11 years and have experienced our share of the local food.  It is actually one of our favorite things to do together:  go out and try a local eatery we haven’t tried yet!  The other week we discussed where we would go if we had to narrow it down to our Top 3 best places to go for Valentine’s Day week and this is what we came up with (in no certain order):

  • Sage Kitchen at Anderson’s – fresh (they don’t even have a freezer!), farm-to-table, carefully crafted food – eat outside for a whimsical, garden-lit atmosphere – what we’d recommend from the menu:  Bayou Balls with Tiger Sauce (an appetizer) and a Jammy Patty Melt.
  • Luna Maya – upscale Mexican with pretty, dimly lit ambiance – what we’d recommend from the menu:  a Rumchata (rum + horchata = yum) and Pastel De Choclo Con Chorizo.
  • The Royal Chocolate – a chocolatier with friendly service and samples – what we’d recommend trying:  any of their gourmet apples, the coffee-toffee chocolate bar, or fondue for two!

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