Kansas City Trip

I took a trip with Maryna over the weekend to Kansas City, Missouri. It was a bittersweet visit because I was going to attend a funeral for my Grandma Helen, who died just before her 91st birthday (which is today).  I enjoyed the time of reflection on her life and thought it would be fun to share a few old photos.  The first one is of her and my Dad in the kitchen.  The other ones below are of her and my Grandpa Norbert.  By the way, they were hard-working farmers who raised 10 kids, have 23 grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren!


While in KC, I also got to enjoy some local food.  “Doughboys” employees get up while it is still dark to make a variety of delicious donuts.  I really liked the vintage look of their branding and my favorite donut was their Old-Fashioned, and I would give an Honorable Mention to the Apple Fritter.


And last but not least, here is the Cutie who slept on me most of the flight back to Virginia.  I really enjoyed spending some one-on-one time with her on the trip since she usually shares attention with her two older siblings.


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