Goals for 2018: January Check-Up

I posted my 2018 goals the other day and now here is an update on how I am doing so far.  If there aren’t any notes, that means I haven’t worked on it or reached it yet.

Personal Goals:

::Memorize Philippians 1:12-30.

::Review 5 old verses per week (starting week of Jan 7th). I reviewed 10 verse cards throughout January.  So far, I am not tracking how I would like but I’m thankful I reviewed the ones I did.

::Read & study 6 books of the Bible throughout the year. I am reading/studying three books currently:  Romans, Philippians, and Psalms.  As long as I finish all of them, I’ll be halfway to my goal already.

::Outing once-a-month with just Dryden and I or just Addie & I. Dryden and I went out for donuts and I had such a great time.  I tried to ask him all sorts of good questions and then he pulled out, “Who is your favorite king in the Bible?”  It was really nice to have the one-on-one time with him since a lot of my attention gets poured into his little sisters.

::Read 6 books.  I am reading three books currently.  As long as I finish all of them, I’ll be halfway to my goal and I’ll definitely want to share on here about each of them.

::Make some sort of printout of all the verses Dryden AND the girls have memorized or studied so far.

::Songwriting goals: write more children’s songs, write a song about being a mom, finish silly story song, write or co-write a song on “We don’t know what to do but our eyes are on You,” write song for Easter, write song about Eric the fish dying.  I started on my song about Eric, a pretty silly song.

::Blog regularly and have FUN with it without thinking about QUANTITY of posts.  I’m enjoying writing as much as I have so far this year and if I could, I’d prefer to write daily.  I have so many things I think about posting but realistically, I’ve not been able to sit down and do that.  I’m having FUN though.

::Host a backyard concert again.

::Host a private concert that will fund part of my way to Hutchmoot.

::Attend Hutchmoot/Get involved with the Rabbit Room. I have joined the Rabbit Room and have been reading a post here and there.  There are a lot of inspiring articles which have sparked a creative side of me that I had been missing.  I look forward to continuing to grow and be challenged and inspired by frequenting the blog.

::Familiarize myself with SoundCloud.

::Get physically in shape to do a 50 mile bike ride and ride the Capital Trail with Seth.

::House stuff: accomplish TWELVE of the task on the House Projects List.  We got some things hung on the walls yesterday–this is an accomplishment!

::Join Facebook again AND jointly be intentional with 5 specific friendships.  I joined FB and haven’t been on there much but I’ve been focusing on those 5 specific friends this month. 

::Take a FREE photography class.

::Print all Pinterest recipes that I like.

::Whittle down and condense the recipe box/books I have prior to adding Pinterest recipes.

Goals to accomplish with Seth:

::Date out once-a-month (at least).  We sort of cheated on this one–it wasn’t quite a date to ourselves but we had fun at a Bunco night with a bunch of awesome people.

::Write a will.

::Invest $ for Maryna.

::Spend according to prewritten budget 2 weeks in a row = buy ice cream reward!

::Spend according to prewritten budget 6 weeks in a row = couples’ massage reward!

::Make travel plans for throughout the year.

::Put X amount into savings for next house as well an annual insurance payment. We’re on track so far.

::Have each family in our Community Group over throughout 2018 for dinner or dessert.  We had one family over for homemade ramen the other night and had a blast.  There is something about having people into your home that really helps you get to know them better.

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