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Mixed Tape Monday 1.29.18

Five Score and Seven Years Ago – I rarely REALLY listen to lyrics anymore.  It is something I want to be more intentional about because a) my oldest, Dryden, is starting to care about listening to music b) good lyric-writing often inspires me to write lyrics c) I find good music to be therapeutic.  Anyway, for a few minutes the other day, I got to listen to this older album of Relient K’s and the lyrics from “Forgiven” really stuck out to me: “Cause we’re all guilty of the same things / We think the thoughts whether or not we see them through.”

Bacon Deli Pizza – We really enjoy good, local food.  My favorite place for pizza is Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream and though I would rather go there in person, sometimes it is better for Seth and I to scrap eating out and stay in and make our own version.  This week, I did my best to make our own version of their Bacon Deli Pizza.  I made this pizza crust and topped it with this ranch, plus sliced Roma tomatoes, crumbled bacon, and sharp cheddar.  We gobbled it up and only left Seth four small slices to take to lunch the next day.


You Can’t Have Ethics Without Stories by Russell Moore – I read this via The Rabbit Room this past week and it just made me think about the beauty and pain of a story and how every element is important.  It made me want to write more personal, story-telling type songs too.


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