Goals for 2018

January 2018 is nearly over but I still wanted to share my goals for the year.  Seth and I went over each of ours a couple weeks ago and it helped to talk through them, and even helped me to pare some things down.  The big one for me this year is the bike riding goal; I think it is possible but I don’t know exactly how I will fit that into life as a wife and mom.  I do like to challenge myself, however, because it usually makes me accomplish more than I would had I not written anything out.  In a few days, I’ll give an update on how the goal-reaching is going so far!

Personal Goals:

::Memorize Philippians 1:12-30

::Review 5 old verses per week (starting week of Jan 7th)

::Read & study 6 books of the Bible throughout the year

::Outing once-a-month with just Dryden and I or just Addie & I

::Read 6 books

::Make some sort of printout of all the verses Dryden AND the girls have memorized or studied so far

::Songwriting goals: write more children’s songs, write a song about being a mom, finish silly story song, write or co-write a song on “We don’t know what to do but our eyes are on You,” write song for Easter, write song about Eric the fish dying

::Blog regularly and have FUN with it without thinking about QUANTITY of posts

::Host a backyard concert again

::Host a private concert that will fund part of my way to Hutchmoot

::Attend Hutchmoot/Get involved with the Rabbit Room

::Familiarize myself with SoundCloud

::Get physically in shape to do a 50 mile bike ride and ride the Capital Trail with Seth

::House stuff: accomplish TWELVE of the task on the House Projects List

::Join Facebook again AND jointly be intentional with 5 specific friendships

::Take a FREE photography class

::Print all Pinterest recipes that I like

::Whittle down and condense the recipe box/books I have prior to adding Pinterest recipes

Goals to accomplish with Seth:

::Date out once-a-month (at least)

::Write a will

::Invest $ for Maryna

::Spend according to prewritten budget 2 weeks in a row = buy ice cream reward!

::Spend according to prewritten budget 6 weeks in a row = couples’ massage reward!

::Make travel plans for throughout the year

::Put X amount into savings for next house as well an annual insurance payment

::Have each family in our Community Group over throughout 2018 for dinner or dessert

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