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Children’s Book Favorites in 2017

My kids are all at different levels with reading right now.  My six-year-old is reading higher than his grade level, my two-year-old is just starting to sit down with a pile of books and really care about the story and my nine-month-old just likes to look at the pictures or chew on the books.

As I look back on 2017, there are a few favorites that come to mind.

Nate the Great books by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat – I have enjoyed every one of these that Dryden has read.  The thing I dislike about a lot of Beginner Reader books is that the story-line is choppy, the plot is a bit dumbed-down, and it almost seems as though the author is just trying to get in certain vocabulary words and they are willing to sacrifice a good story-telling for the sake of cramming in all the words they want to use.  This is not the case with Nate the Great.  Sharmat treats her readers as smart kids who are not only capable of following a good plot line but who can also help Nate solve a mystery.  I also just really like how Nate dresses.

Baby Dear by Esther and Eloise Wilkin – I remember reading this with my mom as a girl and now I am reading it with my two-year-old daughter.  It is a perfect book for little girls who are into their baby dolls and even better if they have a little sister.

Stewart Little by E.B. White – Dryden and I have read this one aloud twice now.  The adventures Stewart takes are just the kind of stories a little boy needs to hear.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:  Things About Me and Marcel the Shell:  The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been by Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp – These books just crack me up.  My oldest likes them as he is starting to pick up on the humor and sarcasm and my middle child, Adelaide, just loves to look at the pictures and laugh.

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