Like I said, I’m a mom of three.  In 2017, I set the goal to read six books throughout the year.  I thought this was reasonable considering I usually set out to read twelve and I  often surpass that amount.  I thought I’d be realistic and shoot for six since I was adding a baby in March 2017.  Guess how many I read?  Two.  A whopping two.  And one of them was what I call a “finisher”–a book I started the previous year and finished in the next.   I guess the leap from two children to three was a large one for me.

So I say “Goals-Sshmoals” yet I think it is really important to set them and it has been a tradition between my hubby and I to sit down and make and discuss our goals each year.  This is a little over due, about a year over due to be exact, but here are my 2017 goals and how I did.  Stay tuned for 2018’s list.


*Memorize Philippians chapter 1 as well as continue to maintain what I have already memorized individually or with the kids. I got to verse 11 out of 30 verse.  Considering all the other non-productive things I gave my time to, I’m disappointed I didn’t reach this goal.

*Read & study 13 books of the Bible throughout the year. I studied about half this much.


*Date once-a-month with Seth (at least). I didn’t keep track of this very well but I am  sure we went out once or twice a month most months in 2017.

*Outing once-a-month with just Dryden and I…or alternate monthly with Seth? This was one I did well with at the beginning of the year and then I slacked off.  I would like to be more intentional about spending one-on-one time with Dryden in 2018.

*Make some sort of printout of all the verses Dryden has memorized so far.  I gathered all of these in one place but didn’t really do a printout.  2018!

*Work up to 250 squats by baby’s birth.  I got to 225.  Now, this is without weights (except for pregnant weight:-), free-standing.  I have to say that it got really difficult to lean back into my heels–my belly weight threw me off.

*Contact one big band from Big Bands of the Bay about possibly singing with them.  I did make one flimsy attempt to contact one of these bands but didn’t hear back.  I’d like to try harder in 2018.

*Host a concert and sing 2 or more songs at it (have friends join), possibly Sep/Oct.  In November, we hosted a concert in our backyard with friends!  Originally, we scheduled it for October but it was rained out so we moved it to a chilly day in November.  It went just great for our first backyard concert and whet my appetite to do it again!  It was a blast to have an ensemble of other musical people involved as well!

With Seth:

*Write a will. We didn’t do this.  And it has been on our list for a few years now. 

*Invest $ for Addie.  We got this checked off!

I also attempted to set some smaller monthly goals.  This went well for the first couple months of the year but then I slacked off.

How did you do with your goals for 2017?  I would love to hear.

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