Mothering in the Trenches

Is that poop I smell on my hands?  I’m not sure.  I changed three poopy diapers today and I think I washed my hands after each time but I’m not 100% sure because I also did a lot of other things in between.

Mothering at this stage is dirty, stinky, smelly, and difficult.  But it is also rosy, rewarding, beautiful, and painfully satisfying.  I’m mom of three–a six-year-old boy, a two year old girl, and another girl almost exactly 18 months younger.

Some days I am thinking about BEDTIME at about five o’clock.  When will there be silence again?  Will there ever be a time when we have an empty hamper and all the laundry put away?  Will I sleep through the night again?

The “yes” to all of these sometimes seems light years away, but, alas, it is only a season.  And these seasons pass SO QUICKLY.


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