Mixed Tape Monday 6.13.16

::When Seth and I got married, this was a wedding present from my parents and it served us for 2 months short of a decade!  We just purchased a shiny, brand-new Whirley Pop and have already put it to good use.  My favorite way to make popcorn is to pop the corn in coconut oil on medium heat, drizzle it with melted REAL butter, then sprinkle with salt and toss (trust me, there is something significant about the toss).  I also like to do this one popcorn layer at a time so that everything gets its fair share of salt and butter.  Yum.

::These guys always amaze me and they seem to change things up enough that I never get bored with there song-crafting.  Switchfoot’s new album is available for pre-order now.

::I must have food on my brain because I really wanted to share these two recipes with you, blue cheese and bacon macaroni and cheese, and roasted cauliflower and potato soup.  I cut the blue cheese in half for the mac.  For our family, it is just a little too sharp if I use the full 5 ounces.  For the soup, I like to dress it up with plenty of bacon, cheese, and chives.


::I have a new favorite jam.  It is HFCS free and deeee-licious!


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