Lyrics in March & April

I set a goal to write lyrics every day this year.  So far, I haven’t kept to the DAILY thing but I have been writing more than ever before.  Here is a sampling of some of the lyrics I have written over the past few weeks.

3/27 – He calls me beautiful/He died for me/He made me beautiful/When he wiped away these ugly scars of sin/I was marred but He gave me new life again/All that He sees is righteousness/Because of His forgiveness

3/28 – He is keeper of the stars and yet He knows me/He knows how many hairs are on my head/Jesus, will you show me

4/8 – You write lyrics that are smart and angry/How many times has someone made you sad and it turned out they wrote the lyrics from you

4/20 – You’ve made me cry so many times, even the happy tear kind


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