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Top 3 and a Pizza

Tonight I watched my favorite American Idol contestant get eliminated.  MacKenzie Bourg won’t win the whole thing like I predicted but in one sense, I’m glad he won’t be owned by the producers who whisk the winner away and mold them into the performer they want them to be.  I hope Bourg will get to be just who he is even if he does get a record deal out of this.  If you were unable to watch tonight’s show, I thought all the contestants did well and it is hard to pinpoint who will take home the gold.  My vote is for La’Porsha Renae now that we are down to the Top 3.  That girl can SING and does she have a cute daughter, or what?!  I have a soft spot for cute daughters since I have one.

On another note, I had to eat some dinner whilst I watched the show.  I have been making pizza for years.  It was one of the first entrees I felt like I was able to do well and I still make it often.  My rectangular pizza still never ends up exactly rectangular but it still tastes fine.  Really, I think anyone can make a good pizza if they can follow directions and get the crust, sauce, and toppings ratio right.  My favorite crust recipes are this 30 minute pizza one and this cast-iron skillet one.  I favor pepperoni, peppers, onions, and black olives and Seth really likes ham and pineapple.  Tonight I did sausage as well as leftover Easter ham with black olives on my half.

Let’s have an unofficial vote here:

Do you like your pizza crust thick or thin?

Who will be the next (and final) American Idol?

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