Lyrics for the Week of 2.21.16

I am striving to write lyrics every day this year.  So far, I haven’t achieved this daily but somehow, the online accountability of this blog helps!  Stay tuned for a way you can be involved with this process as a reader.  I will post a new series starting Thursday, March 3rd.

Sunday, Feb 21st

*Didn’t write*

Monday, Feb 22nd

You take something so broken and disfigured/And transform it into beautiful and better (Inspiration: picture in the book “The Biggest Story”)

Tuesday, Feb 23rd

Does anyone know how to drive in the rain?/Every time I drive, it drives me insane/There’s a cop, there’s a cop, there’s a cop/There’s someone stopped, there’s someone stopped, there’s someone stopped/My baby is crying/Is he even driving/Nobody knows how to drive in the rain (Inspiration: a drive in the rain in Virginia!)

Wednesday, Feb 24th

*Didn’t write*

Thursday, Feb 25th

I don’t want to forget her/But I want to move on/Sometimes I hear her in every song

Friday, Feb 26th

You take broken things and make them so beautiful/You transform the ugly into a butterfly/And instantly you give it wings/And teach it how to fly

Saturday, Feb 27th

Baby, I don’t like crazy/Baby, I don’t like crazy (Inspiration: Dryden talking about how his sister being crazy:-)

©Bethany Heijermans

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