Lyrics for the Weeks of 2.7-2.20.16

In 2015, I set the goal to pen lyrics every day of the year.  I was on a roll until the beginning of February when I lost my momentum and stopped writing every day.  Well, I guess February is a tough month for me because the same thing happened this time.  I only wrote lyrics three out of the last 14 days.  We have had a lot going on in our lives, circumstances that we don’t usually experience, so I know I need to give myself a little grace.

But sometimes tough things going on can be the best fuel for lyric writing.  I hope to use that fuel in these future weeks in February.  Here is what I have for the past fourteen days:

Monday, Feb 8th

You made me and/You’ve made me a part of Your story/You have a plan for/You have a plan for me (Inspiration:  the greater story of Scripture and Joseph’s part in it; I have a unique role in God’s plan too.)

Friday, Feb 19th

Adelaide/Adelaide Grace/Adelaide/Adelaide Grace (Inspiration:  trying to calm my almost 5 month old daughter as well as beginning to write a song for her–it has a melody too–that I want to give her as a birthday present.  One of the goals I have for lyric writing this year is to write something for each member of my family for their birthdays.)

Saturday, Feb 20th

Dryden/Dryden Robert/Dryden/Dryden Robert (Inspiration:  early stages of birthday song writing as well.  This time, Dryden actually took part in helping come up with the melody.  He heard me sing Adelaide’s song and I told him my plans for birthdays and asked him how his song should go.)

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