The Gospel and Music

I am pretty new to this whole writing 365 days-a-year thing.  When I decided to commit to it, I realized I had to make some changes to really insure that music was more integrated throughout my life.

So I moved my guitar somewhere visible.  No more in-the-guitar-case-collecting-dust-behind-the-Lazy-Boy.  And I put my lyrics notebook in a prominent spot too.  Now it travels with me in the bag I am carrying or sits on my night-stand.  It gives me a long stare-down each night before I crawl in to bed, reminding me to write before I go to sleep.

I also started listening to music more and watching more videos of musicians.  This seems like a no-brainer but was a hard step for me.  I’m a wife as well as mom of 2 kiddos, so video-watching is typically for their enjoyment and serves as a break for me.  And listening to music?  I hear so much noise throughout my day that it is hard to break the silence to listen to tunes in between.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is this:  if I want music to be more a part of my life and if I want to grow musically, I’ve got to make it more prominent and more integrated into my day to day life.

And that is how I desire the gospel to be in my life too.  This concept is something that has just begun to take shape in my heart in the past few years.

The gospel {that Jesus was born, lived, died for our sins, and rose again and that He is the only way to salvation} isn’t something I should keep tucked away in my Bible for only when I read it.

The gospel isn’t something reserved for just Sundays.  Or for just Easter or Christmas.  It isn’t just for sharing when I want to reach the lost.

Nope, its something I can think about throughout the day.  I can place it in a prominent spot in my mind, on my refrigerator, in the songs I listen to or write, in the words I say to my husband or children.  And it is so incredibly beautiful when I make sure it is threaded throughout my day.

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