Lyrics for the Week of 1.31.16

This year I am striving to write lyrics every day for 365 days!  Well, this week I ruined my streak and completely forgot to write lyrics on Friday.  But here is what I came up with for the week (some lyrics are only in part):

Sunday, Jan 31st

He may talk to you about what he wants/But does he talk to you about real life

Monday, Feb 1st

He says he’s made a promise to you/But there’s more to it than a ring  (Inspiration for Sunday and Monday:  people I’ve seen make poor relationship choices, also inspired by lyrics I began writing in August of 2015)

Tuesday, Feb 2nd

I ask ‘Whom have I in heaven but You’/And there is none on earth besides You/You surpass all that was and is/You are the hope that we have in tomorrow (Inspiration: Psalm 73)

Wednesday, Feb 3rd

And use me in my weakness to bring You glory (Inspiration: watching suffering in others’ lives and thinking about how God uses suffering and weakness to draw people to Him and to glorify Him)

Thursday, Feb 4th

Each breath is a gift from You/Help me to breathe words that You want me to/That glorify Your name/That bring Your kingdom fame (Inspiration:  God as Creator and sovereign)

Friday, Feb 5th

Missed! 😦

Saturday, Feb 6th

You shaped each leaf/And You choose when it will fall/Help me to see that You/Have a perfect plan for all (Inspiration: continuing the thoughts from Thursday’s lyrics)

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