Lyrics for the Week of 1.24.16

I’m aiming to write lyrics 365 days out of this year.  Here is what I came up with this week (I shared only portions for some of the lyrics):

Sunday, Jan 24th

God loves you, God loves you/He loves you all the time, He never changes/God loves you, God loves you/He’s faithful, slow to anger, and He’s kind/He’s merciful, forgiving, and provides (Inspiration: began writing this one on the 21st and I was wanting to write another verse.  It is a children’s song and I have a tune for it figured out as well.)

Monday, Jan 25th

I like to count my toes/And I like doing somersaults and cartwheels/Do la dee da/Do la dee da (Inspiration:  my kids are once again the inspiration.  I actually began writing this song in January of 2015 and came up with more lyrics this year.  Apparently I have a tune locked away in GarageBand too.)

Tuesday, Jan 26th

We’ve stored up all these memories and I want to make more (Inspiration: my husband : )

Wednesday, Jan 27th

Your perfect love, it is enough/It carries me/Though darkness threatens me/Be my guide/Jesus, be my eyes/Jesus, be my eyes (Inspiration:  Psalm 139)

Thursday & Friday, Jan 28 & 29th

You allow me to suffer/So that I am made to see/That You are the only treasure I need/When I am tempted to bow down to the world/Bring me to my knees/To worship You, the only true King/To worship You, the only true King (Inspiration:  Revelation 12 and the book of Daniel)

Saturday, Jan 30th

You know the days I have on earth/You know how many they are numbered/You have a plan that I cannot fully see/You have a plan for eternity (Inspiration: Psalm 139)

©Bethany Heijermans

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