Lyrics for the Week of 1.17.16

One of my goals this year is to write lyrics every day.  Here is what I came up with this week (some are just portions of what I’ve written):

Sunday, January 17th

I’ve traveled so many dusty roads/And my feet left tracks in so many lonely places/Let me go back to those little towns/Back to where my finger traces (Inspiration: living throughout the Midwest)

Monday, January 18th

She puts on a happy face/But her mind is in some other place/And inside she is frowning, frowning, frowning

Tuesday, January 19th

And she thinks there is no other way/Than to make this her very last day (Inspiration for Monday and Tuesday: a friend’s attempted suicide, a scary, heart-breaking thing.  It helped me to write a lot of lyrics this week relating to that).

Wednesday, January 20th

Like an unwritten song that is left to be sung/Like a photograph still yet to be hung/I look forward to you coming home (Inspiration: My husband coming home from work each day and how I look forward to that!)

Thursday, January 21st

Even in Your judgement, You are patient/Even in Your anger, You are slow (Inspiration: Psalm 103 and just seeing how God’s attributes have manifested themselves in various circumstances this week).

Friday, January 22nd

God made you, God made you/He made your eyes, your ears, your nose/And your elbows/God made you, God made you/He knows how many hairs are on your head/He knows what time you’re gonna go to bed (Inspiration:  While getting my four-year-old ready for bed, I was trying to think of a song that talks about how he was creatively and wonderfully made by God and is His unique creation).

Saturday, January 23rd

A porch is a beautiful thing/When you can sit there on a swing/Sit there and just sing (Inspiration: continuation of Monday’s lyric writing)

©Bethany Heijermans


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