Music Monday: American Idol Favorites

Since homemakers have plenty of free time on their hands, naturally I watched both episodes of American Idol last week (in addition to my usual diet of 6 hours of TV watching a week).

Wait, scratch that.  Watching television is a novelty in our home.  Dryden has two days a week he’s permitted to watch something…though we let that slide on occasion for our own sanity.  At times I will sit and watch with him so I can get in some snuggles and/or force myself to relax for a bit.

When I’m mommying it during the day, I watch zero hours of TV.  Seth and I sometimes sneak in a show during the kids’ naps or quiet times or on the weekends (reruns of 24 or the current seasons of Castle or The Walking Dead).

It is a special treat for me to catch an occasional Cupcake Wars when I do dishes or fold laundry after the kids are in bed and now it’s a nice treat to get to watch some American Idol.

Wednesday night’s show was a bit nostalgic to me. I remember watching Idol during Seth and I’s first year of marriage when we lived in Atlanta (where the first batch of auditions was held).  We didn’t own a TV at the time so we went to Seth’s parents’ house and watched LOST followed by American Idol.  It was always fun to see Mom and Dad H. and to get sucked into a couple shows for a little while.

I have 2 favorites so far (and didn’t get to watch Thursday’s show so I can’t speak for that):

Jeneve Mitchell from off the grid

and Josiah Siska from Dacula, Georgia

Who are your favorites so far?

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